Marcus Hiles Triumphs

As life in a big city becomes increasingly expensive, overcrowded and dangerous, people from all walks of life are investigating alternative ways of living. This does not, of course, only mean a change of diet or exercise regime, but refers to a desire to achieve a better balance in their everyday lives between work and leisure. For many, the chance to live in the relatively unspoilt landscapes for which the United States is famous is an almost unachievable dream. Employment is the main worry when contemplating such a move – what exactly would they do without the major corporations close at hand? And would it be possible to live in a rural property without essential modern conveniences?  Fortunately, the answer to these questions can be found in property developments such as The Grand Estates located in the Forest of Conroe in Texas, which has been built in an area of staggering beauty and lying in close proximity to numerous golf courses and national parks.

The Woodlands Waterway running through the Estates has developed a thriving urban area with pedestrianised shops, restaurants and a buzzing evening atmosphere that offers that slice of city life that many feel so reluctant to give up when moving to the countryside. One such reason for the rise of these housing complex phenomena is the relocation of large corporations- Exxon Mobile, Fox Network Group and Chevron to name a few- to areas such as this. Naturally they require teams of skilled professionals, and can understand the difficulty of attracting such talent far from the large metropolises. This is where Marcus Hiles’ triumph proves good education is the new name for success. Building complexes like The Grand Estates in the Forest is part of a movement to make a home away from home for those pursuing job interests into the countryside.

And whilst it is the attraction of having city conveniences that may sway some to move to such complexes, it cannot be denied that the opportunities to explore nature still provides the driving force in attracting a diverse community ranging from bachelors to families.  Biking, bird-watching, horse riding, and hiking- any outdoor activity you can imagine is catered for in the area.

As with all of these modern complexes, The Grand Estates in the Forest is a secured gated community- perfect for families – and has the wonderful details of a health centre, expert personal trainer, Starbucks cafe, outdoor wi-fi lounge….the list goes on. Even a cursory glance at the Marcus Hiles Magazine will be enough to show you that all apartments are fitted with state-of-the-art household appliances, and are beautifully furnished and decorated in a light and spacious manner. It offers you the perfect balance of home living with a sense of luxury and style. For many, complexes like this have proven the answer to many who have been deliberating the urban vs rural living debate, and will no doubt start a wave of countryside relocation. For further viewing, why not see the peerless amenities at Lakeway, Texas, from Marcus Hiles on

Marcus Hiles, Fort Worth, Texas

Living in a fully-protected, secure, and friendly community, is a way of life that Western Rim Property Services take very seriously. With this fully at the forefront of their minds, Wester Rim have created a housing complex like no other in their extensive portfolio of over 25,000 properties. The Mansions at Stone Hill encapsulate everything that has made the name of Marcus Hiles, CEO of Western Rim, so renowned throughout Texas and the United States. Focusing on fostering a strong sense of community, The Mansions complex  has been built with a comprehensive range of social facilities designed to allow the residents every possible opportunity to socialize and relax together. Cafes, shops, social clubrooms, bars, health centers, swimming pools, and a host of activities for children, encourage a truly diverse group of professional men and women to take up residence in the stunningly executed development.

The remarkable collaboration between the architects, designers and Marcus Hiles, Fort Worth, Texas, ensure that the apartments and community amenities are of the highest design specification, and allow you to live living in some of the most elegant and stylish homes available anywhere in the world today. The entrance halls have marble flooring, the kitchens granite-surfaced work tops, and all apartments are fitted with stainless steel Whirlpool appliances.

The location of the Mansions at Stone Hill is also one of the beneficial factors of such a complex. Situated only twelve miles north of the vibrant and fashionable city of Austin, you can be certain that despite the rural atmosphere of the surrounding environment, you never lose touch with one of America’s most exciting urban centres.

Some of the biggest names in business, from Dell to Samsung have their headquarters located nearby, promoting huge incentives for other businesses to locate to the area. This has ensured economic prosperity in the area, with the job market high and the opportunities plentiful. Western Rim Property Services always ensures that its sites are located close by to areas of academic excellence for all ages, from kindergarten and high school to top ranked universities. Find out more about Marcus Hiles, CEO, Western Rim Property Services on